Author Lizbeth Hartz

Author Lizbeth Hartz

Dazzled by open-hearted Hawaii firefighter Vic Lazzarini, dispatcher Lizbeth dreams of romance with this Prince Charming she’s found after too many frogs. But a grisly crime in the gentle rain of a Hawaiian Valentine’s Day morning shocks her out of her fantasies and plunges her into the greatest struggle of her life.

Liz knows one wrong move could snuff out her life quicker than she can say, “Fire Department. Are you reporting an emergency?”

This is a true story. Names and dates, only these, were changed to protect the innocent.”

The memoir takes place on Oahu in the early 80’s. A snippet of Lizbeth’s song, also titled Angel Hero, accompanies her book trailer at her publisher’s website:

Hartz’s publisher, Kwill Books, published the book on July 22, 2016. Kwill is a registered publishing house in Spain, founded by Henry and Cate Baum, owners of indie author site Self-Publishing Review.  The company operates internationally with US and UK staff.

The paperback and e-book, and song by the same name, are available for sale on


Check out Liz’s author page at Kwill Books here

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