A is for the Astrological Connection of Palmistry and the Planets #AtoZApril2017Challenge

A is for the Astrological Connection of Palmistry and the Planets #AtoZApril2017Challenge

Interested in palmistry? If you are, you’ll notice many astrological terms used therein, such as Mounts of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury, Line of Mars, etc.  Why, you ask? Because palmistry and astrology have been linked for centuries. Each finger is associated with a planet. For example, the base of the thumb is associated with Venus, the outer edge of the palm with the moon.

(For myself, I became interested in palmistry when I read a man’s hand who had murderer’s thumbs. And he later murdered his friend. But that’s another story. The story, actually, of my book Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story. But I digress.)

Originally, it was thought that the planets influenced the makeup of the hands. The traditional names of the various parts of a hand are linked to the seven visible planets—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. However, palmistry can be understood without knowing anything about astrology.

The Public and Private Hand

Take a ruler or a pen and lay it down either hand, from between the two middle fingers down to the wrist. The side of the hand that includes the thumb concerns public life, so it has an “Ascendant” and “Midheaven” vibration to it, like in Astrology. The other side of the hand connects more closely to relationships and home life, having a “Descendant” and “Imum Coeli” (bottom of the sky) feel to it.

The Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury Sections

In the diagram above, you can see that the index, two middle fingers, and little finger (and the mounts below them) are designated Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury, in that order.

A word about the Jupiter and Saturn Sections


The forefinger and the “mount” that is on the palm immediately below this finger is known as “Jupiter.” This is concerned with self-confidence, belief systems, one’s approach to life, morals, leadership abilities and ambition. A person with a strong ego and a streak of independence has a long and strong Jupiter finger that pulls away from the middle finger, and a well-developed Jupiter mount.


The middle finger and the area on the hand directly beneath it is called “Saturn.” This relates to the study of both religion and science, plus math, logic, languages and a myriad of practical skills such as building, farming, engineering and the ability to handle details. A strong and long Saturn finger belongs to a responsible person who accumulates resources in the form of knowledge or power, wealth and goods.

Thanks for reading my post! Check back tomorrow for the letter B: A Brief History of Palmistry.


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  1. This is really interesting. Wish you were here to read mine. Maybe after I get off this medication I’ll be able to read mine. It’s been a long road but I plan on coming back strong.

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