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After Birthing a Book Blues

After Birthing a Book Blues

Angel Hero Back Cover 2

Forty five years ago, in spite of shaking in my shy shoes beneath the bright lights shining on my high school stage, I enjoyed donning different identities and acting out bit parts in theater productions. But on the first morning after the last curtain call, the post-production blues invariably set in. The magic vanished, daily routines reappeared, and mundane days stretched endlessly before me.

Forty five years later, after launching my memoir Angel Hero in April of this year, those lowdown blues attacked me again. The book grew and changed inside my mind for 29 years. I wrote it and rewrote it and revised and obsessed over every word, and then bore down hard to birth it.

Maybe obsession’s not a bad thing. If I hadn’t been driven to fulfill my promise to Vic’s spirit, to get his story in print or die trying, I probably wouldn’t have finished my book. I might have allowed naysayers who read the early versions convince me it was worthless.

Writing Angel Hero fulfilled my need to create a compelling read and to honor Vic’s memory. Just thinking about it adrenalized me. For the first four weeks after the paperback and e-book appeared on Amazon, I felt relieved and thrilled about its birth. Liz, the proud mama. But the blues rolled in on the wings of June, grabbed hold of me, and shook me hard.

Well, it’s taking me awhile, but I’m shaking them off. I’m happy as a clam when I’m writing something I deeply care about and learning how to write better just by showing up at the page. When I watch the story play out like a movie in my mind, touch-type what I see quickly, reread my writing the next day, edit and edit some more, I’m immersed in the world I’m writing about. Revising’s both a chore and a delight as I watch my words become more concise, active, and descriptive.

Launching my book, trying to create a buzz about it, learning about social media, dealing with computer hassles has created a learning curve I’m still screeching after. I love that I’m a member of a virtual new world now, one nobody can take away from me. That I can share my posts with everyone makes it worth the hassle to learn how to use the media. How nice is that? My favorite part of social media is still blogging, because blogging allows me to keep writing, and editing, and rewriting until I make my post the best it can be. Kind of like a book, but a whole heck of a lot shorter.

If I do decide on a new topic for a book, I can promise you this: the gestation period won’t be 29 years this time.

How do you other writers out there deal with post-partum book blues?

Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story, by Lizbeth Hartz

Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story, by Lizbeth Hartz

Dazzled by open hearted Hawaii firefighter Vic Lazzarini, dispatcher Lizbeth dreams of romance with this Prince Charming she’s found after too many frogs. But a grisly crime in the gentle rain of a Hawaiian Valentine’s Day morning shocks her out of her fantasies and plunges her into the greatest struggle of her life.

Liz knows one wrong move could snuff out her life quicker than she can say, “Fire Department. Are you reporting an emergency?”

Part romance, part true crime, and all heart, Angel Hero is the memoir no one can stop talking about.


Author Note

A freelance writer since 1983, I credit my daily writing routine with enabling me to fulfill the vow I made to Vic’s spirit in 1985. “I’ll keep honing my writing skills,” I promised, “until I can craft such a compelling story people will clamor to read it.” I also vowed to tell the truth about the inspirational spiritual events that occurred.

I kept those promises. However, for nearly three decades, I disguised what took place in the physical world of time and space as fiction. I wrote a dozen different versions of this story, most of them novels, one of them a screenplay. The last thing I wanted was for the gunman to discover what I’d written about him.

The first version, which I called an inspired-by-a-true-story novel, was available on Amazon from April 2014 until October 2015, when I discovered the murderer had died.

With the killer no longer a physical threat to me, I felt safe saying, “This is a true story.” To protect the innocent from the murderer’s family, however, I continued to fictionalize the names and dates in this true crime, true love, spiritual memoir.

In 2016, Kwill Books published the newest edition of Angel Hero. The story takes place on Oahu in the early Eighties.



Author Lizbeth Hartz

Author Lizbeth Hartz

Lizbeth Hartz graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of California at Riverside in the early 70’s. After moving to Hawaii a few years later, she freelanced as a writer part time, resulting in nearly 150 nonfiction magazine articles published in local and regional magazines. Lizbeth spent 14 years as a dispatcher for two military fire departments on Oahu. Her memoir Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story, grew out of that experience.

The song Lizbeth wrote to accompany the book, also titled Angel Hero, was demoed in Nashville by Azalea Studios in 2016, original music by Hawai’i musician Johnny Valentine (uncle of Bruno Mars). You can catch a snippet of the song by listening to Lizbeth’s book trailer at The link to the song on Amazon is:

In April, 2017, Lizbeth’s short fiction story “Palm it off on Murder” was published in the anthology titled Dark Paradise, Mysteries in the Land of Aloha. The link:

Lizbeth lives with her fiancé, Barry, and their three outdoor cats, in lush Manoa Valley above the University of Hawai’i.

The paperback, e-book, and song are available for sale on The song is also available on iTunes and other venues.

Check out Liz’s author page at Kwill Books here

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