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Two Incendiary Firefighting Memoirs

Two Incendiary Firefighting Memoirs

Dennis Smith’s Report from Engine Co. 82 and Lizbeth Hartz’ Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story are both memoirs about firefighters. One big difference is the setting: Smith’s in New York City, Hartz’s on a military base in Hawai’i.

How accurate is Angel Hero? Every detail is true except for names, dates, and places—a necessary camouflage to protect the innocent from the murderer. After he died in 2015, the subtitle was changed from “Inspired by a True Story” to “Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.”

The specifics: Two civilian firefighter best friends, Vic Lazzarini and Jaku Cardoza, work with dispatcher Lizbeth Hartz on Whaler Air Force Base in the early ‘80s. Told from Liz’s point of view, this true crime, true love memoir will take you on an unforgettable journey of terror and betrayal, courage and redemption.

The song Angel Hero also accompanies the book.


Glowing reviews of Angel Hero abound:

Kirkus Review: “The author displays a wide array of skills … taut, fast-paced … she’s adept at evoking the atmosphere and day-to-day feel of both contemporary Hawaii and the sometimes high-pressure world of a dispatch operator (the workplace drama elements of the book are well-handled throughout.)

Grady Harp, Amazon Vine Reviewer: “This is a true crime story – the dispatcher of the tale is the author and she relates factual experiences. Lizbeth shares that … what we are reading here is the polished version of an incident while mired in intrigue and with names changed of a terrifying psychological reality… One aspect … that is a bit startling is the degree of sophistication with which the story is related. Perhaps her depth of background aids her depiction of the atmosphere of emergency measures dispatchers encounter, but she is equally skilled in writing solid romance … painting characters both wholesome and exciting as well as loathsome and frightening.”

Iwilei Fuel Tank Fire

Excerpt from the book:

“It’s like Vic’s got exceptional peripheral vision,” Tom said. “He might be focused on a C-5’s hot brakes, but he’s also keenly aware what each of the guys are up to and who might be in jeopardy. Ever hear about him saving Bob’s life during the fire at the fuel tank farm?”

I hadn’t. I remembered that inferno, though. Remembered thinking, oh my god when I’d seen the billowing black smoke blot out the blue sky as I drove to Fort Craig one afternoon in August 1981, a month before I transferred to Whaler. As the entire fleet of Whaler fire trucks raced, sirens blaring, to the huge fuel tank fire, I dispatched an Army fire truck to stand by at their station.

Back then, Vic manned the turret, a powerful nozzle, on the roof of the enormous P-2 fire truck. At 13 feet wide and 33 feet long, with a 2,300-gallon water tank and 200-gallon foam tank, the P-2 was the Air Force’s most formidable airfield firefighting weapon. From his high post, Vic could shoot a foam/water mixture at 1,000 gallons per minute for a distance of 175-200 feet for two minutes before the foam ran out.

When I asked Deputy Chief Bob Henderson about the incident, he said, “In those days, everybody carried radios. But we chiefs were not practiced on working a unified command.”

“Meaning you didn’t broadcast what was happening like you do now?”

“Exactly,” Bob said. “After Vic laid a blanket of foam on top of the burning fuel in the huge tank, I didn’t think to radio in that another fireman and I were walking along a pipeline at the bottom of the tank, looking for a valve to check if it was turned off.”

The two men had walked into an area where the foam blanket had deteriorated. Suddenly, the fire flashed, cutting them off from exiting the same way they came in. The smoke quickly rolled over them and they couldn’t see a way out.

Vic, instantly alert to what had happened, turned the turret and laid foam over the place where the two men were cut off from egress. He reopened the area so they could run out before fire singed them, filled their lungs with black smoke, or worse.

“If Vic had not been hyper aware, we would have been dead,” Bob said. “So much was going on and everybody else was focusing on the tank tops, worried the fire would leap to the other tanks and the entire tank farm would ignite.”

Valiant Vic, I thought, not daring to say it to his face. Afraid of chasing him away, I didn’t tell him how much I admired him for his prowess on the fire scene. But even if I had, he probably would have said, “Just doing my job.”


Click on the pictures below to view the books and mp3 song on Amazon:

  1. My memoir in paperback: “Angel Hero, Murder in Hawaii, A True Story”
  2. Anthology of short mystery stories (includes one of mine): “Dark Paradise, Mysteries in the Land of Aloha”
  3. My memoir as a Kindle e-book: “Angel Hero, Murder in Hawaii, A True Story”
  4. My mp3 song: “Angel Hero” (Single – Song that accompanies the book. For a snippet of the song, check out my book trailer at

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Only Love, Part 4

Only Love, Part 4

Liz and Vic are still talking about Vic’s conflict with Molly. Liz longs to speak her truth, but that old devil fear squelches her voice (just like he squelched her voice in my true crime romance memoir, Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.)


“Getting even doesn’t sound like you, Vic. It sounds more like something Billy would do.”

“Oh?” Vic raises an eyebrow. “Like, how?”

Awareness hits me like a punch to the heart, shoves me off my friendship boulder. I slide down the slippery rock face into the quicksand of longing to go deeper with Vic. Oh god, I’m in deep kimchee.

I scramble for something to say: “Billy yells when he thinks someone disrespects him. When it’s the boss, Billy gets fired. Then he’s broke, and I lend him money until the next job. He tries to pay me back, but…you got upset about a hundred bucks? Try two grand.”

I don’t realize I’m talking loudly until Vic says softly, “You all riled up?” He looks at me funny.

I nod, ashamed to have enabled Billy for so long. “Last month, he got fired again. I spent hours writing his resume.”

“Good of you to help your old man.” Vic rubs his chin. “But…do you really want to keep on like this?”

“No,” pops out of me. Be cool, I think. “He sold his car last month or I could’ve tried the oil thing. Would’ve gotten his attention. Gotten me killed, too.”

Vic laughs. “You’re right about the oil thing being immature. I’ll apologize to Molly, clean up her car.”

“Is it hard to clean oil off metal?”

“Nah.” Vic shrugs. “Just takes dish soap and elbow grease. I’ll try to get my cash back before I…” he pauses.

“Before you clean up her car?”

He shakes his head, looks at me for a long moment, says, “Before I cut her loose.”

I stare at him, stunned. Huh? Really? Did I hear you right? I offer up a silent prayer, Oh Lord, let him cut.

Only Love, Part 5

Only Love, Part 5

Here’s the final episode of my short story, “Only Love.” My tête-à-tête with Vic doesn’t match what we actually said as told in my true crime romance memoir, “Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.” Instead, it’s what we would have said if my fondest dreams had come true.


Hesitantly, Vic adds, “Uh…if you ever need it…” he pats his shoulder, “…my shoulder is…well, it’s strong enough for you to lean on.”

“Thanks.” I swallow hard, long to lean, fantasize about marrying him.

He stands. “But now I’ve got to put it to the wheel, so…” He starts a slow mosey toward the door, “…catch you later.”

I think don’t go, squelch it, can’t squelch the “wait” that slips through my lips.

He turns around, raises an eyebrow, stares at me with those deep blue eyes.

I am speechless. I look at him standing tall and strong, tanned laugh lines surrounding his bright blue eyes, and want him to stay more than I’ve ever wanted anything. Be careful, a voice inside me cautions, you’ll scare him away. A second voice counters, Quit pussyfooting around. Speak up! I tremble, sweat, vacillate, plead, God, let me be a tiger, not a kitten. I stammer, “It’s just….” I pause, “I…I…forgot to tell you…” Oh no! What can I say I forgot?

He cocks his head. His voice low, he says slowly, “You forgot…?”

My mouth opens, closes. My heart pounds loudly. Defenseless, I stare at him, love him, feel my face burn, force myself to speak, “Please…listen…I’ve got a secret…you’re the one…I want to tell…you…”

One long stride takes him close enough to touch me and he does, his big hand electric against my hot cheek. “Tell me,” he says softly. “I’ll listen. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Someone who listens?”

I nod, touch his large hand with my small one. “I love that you hear me” flows out of me. Hello, voice of the tiger! Tears mist my eyes. “It feels so good to be heard.”

He cradles my face between his warm, wide hands, tilts my chin up, asks, “You free tomorrow night, around six?”

My heart threatens to bounce out of my chest. I nod, whisper, “Yes. But … but six thirty would be better.”

A smile punches dimples in his cheeks and chin. “I like a woman speaks her mind. I’ll pick you up at 6:30 then.”

“Cool,” I croak. Can this really be happening?

“Dates are like love.” He winks. “Better the second time around.”

Did he really say that? I am floating. He adds, “I was leaving, wasn’t I?”

I think I nod. He resumes his cool dude strut to the door. “Look, I’m a styling dude!”

“Yes you are.” I am exhilarated that he performs for me. I watch and wave as he moseys through the door, out of the room, across the open bay garage to his rapid-response red pickup truck.

That afternoon, I tell Billy I need some time away. That night, I sleep over at a girlfriend’s house, stare at the crescent moon above the pounding surf, drift into sleep after midnight. I dream Vic gives me back my life, carries me over the threshold, loves me more than I can imagine. I wake up remembering Aurora’s shining aquamarine eyes and feeling the warmth of her hand on mine.




The simplest divisions of the hands are the eight areas on the palm called “Mounts”.

Learning about the mounts of the hand is a way to understand a whole lot about a person in a short period of time.

The Mounts of the Hand and Their Meaning

According to the world- famous palmist Cheiro, the Mounts of the Hand vary in accordance with the character and characteristics of various races and their different temperaments.

In almost all the Southern and more emotional races, says Cheiro, these Mounts are more noticeable than those belonging to Northern countries. He observed that all people with the Mounts apparent or prominent are more swayed by their feelings and emotions than those people who have flat palms and undeveloped Mounts.

The names given to the Mounts of the Hand are those also given to the seven principal planets that affect the destiny of our earth: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

These names were given to the Mounts by the Greeks, and were associated by them with the qualities attributed to these seven planets, such as:

Characteristics of the Mounts

The Mounts of the hands may be elevated, flat, or depressed. Elevated mounts show a physical, direct approach to the aspect represented by that mount. Depressed mounts denote a mental, or indirect approach to that aspect. Flat mounts show no real influence in the subject’s life. There are eight mounds in all. Their characteristics follow:

  1. The Mount of Jupiter
    Ambition, Ego, Drive for Power, Achievement, Leadership, Domination.
  2. The Mount of Saturn
    Serious, Intellectual, Somber, Melancholy, Reserved.
  3. The Mount of Apollo (aka Sun)
    Brilliance, Creativity, Artistic, Beauty, Emotional Fulfillment, Fruitfulness, Success.
  4. The Mount of Mercury
    Communications, Spirituality, Commerce, Science.
  5. The Mount of Venus
    Passion, Lust, Desire, Sensuality, Love.
  6. The Mount of Mars Positive
    Physical Courage, Martial Spirit, Aggression, Vitality.
  7. The Mount of Mars Negative
    Mental Courage, Inner Strength, Resistance, Changeability.
  8. The Mount of Luna
    Imagination, Reproduction, Fear, Sexuality, Romance.

Interpretation Practice:

Example 1

The Mount of Jupiter is elevated dark red.

Mount of Jupiter = Ambition, Ego, Leadership, Power.
Elevated = Outward action and projection of influence.
Dark Red = Anger, Temper.

Now simply transpose…

The (Mount of Jupiter) is (elevated) (dark red).
The (Ego/Ambition) is (acting on) (anger).

So we know that a large red Mount of Jupiter means that the actions taken to further the ambitions are based on anger and temper.

Example 2

The Mount of Saturn is depressed black.

Mount of Saturn = Serious, Moody, Intellectual.
Depressed = Mental, Indirect.
Black = Proud, Haughty, Unforgiving, Vengeful.

Again we simply transpose…

The (Mount of Saturn) is (Depressed) (Black).
The (Intellect) is (thinking about) (Pride/Revenge).

So we know that a depressed black Mount of Saturn means that the person’s thoughts have turned to pride and revenge.

Now apply this technique to each of the mounts on your hands, first answering the questions:
1) Which mount is it?
2) Is the mount elevated, flat, or depressed?
3) What color is the mount?


But don’t trust your interpretation of your own hand. Back in ’73, a clairvoyant palmist told me you cannot accurately read your own hand because your aura gets in the way. She’s the same palmist who told me, if I could break out of my shell, I’d find a love that would knock my socks off. She was right, and I tell his story in my memoir Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.

Which brings me to a warning about e-readings. Check out the palmist’s background before dishing out your hard-earned dough for such a service, and study up so you know at least a little about palmistry first. When I researched the topic yesterday, I saw very few palmists who even listed what they charged.

Tomorrow: F is for the Fingers




World famous palmist Cheiro insisted, “Character is Destiny.” He believed that, by discovering more about our character through palmistry, we can trace out our destiny in advance, and find the right plan to be used at the right time.

Cheiro was an amazing palmist, clairvoyant and gifted. He was also a humanitarian. His strongest desire was to see this strange study taken up as a useful and practical means of obtaining an exact judgment of people’s character, qualities, and hidden tendencies.

“I think that if all parents knew something of Palmistry,” said Cheiro, “the vast majority of children would be more usefully trained and their proper tendencies developed.”

Cheiro felt it was often too late when a child discovered some tendency never suspected by his or her parents. “It is no wonder so few persons find their true vocations in the world, when we remember the random, haphazard way in which children are brought up,” Cheiro said, “educated for the most part in some scholastic mill that grinds down all to the same dead level of mediocrity, and then turns them into the Army, the Church, or into trade.” How beneficial it would be, he speculated, if children knew from small kid days what their strengths and weaknesses were.

Cheiro earnestly hoped the study of hands would someday be taken up by the masses. It was from this standpoint that he interested such men as Gladstone, Professor Max Muller of Oxford, Lord Russell, King Edward VII, and too many others to mention.

Why Read Palms?

Like Cheiro, many palmists believe readings are a way of knowing more about ourselves or others. It has been a practice since ancient days that involves analyzing the features of one’s hand.

Looking Through the Lines of One’s Palm

Many palm readers suggest the main palm lines are the means of analyzing a person. The dominant hand is usually used. The reason behind the use of the dominant hand is that it is the one usually written with or used most of the time. Palm readings also need a careful observation of one’s hand shape. People’s hand shapes also show character about them. Different persons possess different hand shapes (more about this tomorrow when we discuss H IS FOR HEAD, HEART, AND HANDS.)  Hand shapes dictate what elements affect us, whether they be air, wind, water or fire. The four major lines intersecting our palms are the heart, head, destiny and life lines.

Why Get Your Palm Read?

Palm reading is usually sought after by those who desire self-knowledge. It can provide insight and information about one’s character as well as one’s future. Also, palm reading provides the clients with useful tips on accomplishing challenges he or she faces or will face in life.

Significance of palm reading

One should utilize palm reading for its positive benefits. The power of divination through palm reading can be experienced when one believes in its power. (As the Bible says, “It is given to you as you believe.”) Knowledge about the future will provide satisfaction and confidence. Some people merely seek entertainment through palm reading. Others can discover some hidden talents, skills and personality traits which they can use to great advantage in facing life challenges ahead of them.


H IS FOR HAND SHAPES AND SIZES #A to Z Blogging April Challenge

H IS FOR HAND SHAPES AND SIZES #A to Z Blogging April Challenge

Palmistry is an art of fortune telling, practiced by evaluating an individual’s characteristics and future by observing the hand. It is studied seriously throughout the world and continues to fascinate everyone who comes across it.

People continue to have their palms read and many of them believe that what they learn is true. Are readings accurate? That depends on the skill of the palmist. A hand reader who knows how to read all aspects of the hand and stir them together into a holistic blend will have clients beating a pathway to his door, clamoring to cross his palm with silver.

Our two hands are never identical. They differ a great deal from one another and therefore give out different interpretations.

Left. The left hand is controlled by the right brain (pattern recognition, relationship understanding), and reflects the inner person, the natural self, the anima, and lateral thinking.

Right. The right hand is controlled by the left brain (logic, reason, and language), and reflects the outer person, objective self, influence of social environment, education, and experience. It represents linear thinking.

Hand Reading Secrets:

Hands are often defined by their sizes and shapes. Check out the following descriptions of what each one represents.

  • Large hands show a sense of obedience and attention to detail.
  • Small hands show an energetic person, authority figure, or someone who understands government and the ability to rule. An executive power (Trump?)
  • Medium-sized hands show well-roundedness. When a medium-sized hand’s fingers are as long as the palm, it signifies a person who works well with people in business. Someone who is “a jack of all trades, a master of none.”
  • Medium-Sized Hands with palms long in comparison with the length of the fingers show a person who’s able to make big plans. Such a person can easily get a good grasp on everything but sweats the small stuff of details.
  • Hands with the fingers relatively much longer than the palm are known to be poor planners. Although they can’t plan well they do manage to finish everything they do. These people will not overlook or neglect the slightest details.
  • Wide hands belong to people who feels sympathy toward others and are kind. They are able to see other people’s points of view as well as their own.
  • Narrow hands belong to those folks who are critical and exacting by nature. Such people see their own faults rather than their greatest qualities, and make terrible husbands and wives.
  • Hands wide open with fingers well apart belong to courageous, original people who take the initiative.
  • Hands with fingers close together are possessed by conventional, cowardly people who are afraid of consequences.
  • White hands show a selfish nature.
  • Red hands are an indication of passionate feelings mixed with angry emotions and boundless energy.
  • Soft hands belong to those who possess a marked ability, as well as those who work best “in spasms.”
  • Very hard hands are an indication of those who love work and have lots of energy. These people need to ask themselves what they want from life and try to meet that goal.
  • Square hands belong to people who are reasonable accurate, and have good horse-sense.
  • Pointed hands show people with idealism and spirituality. A person with this type of hand is never wrong. At least, that’s how they appear.
J is for the Jupiter Mount: The Mirror of an Attractive Personality

J is for the Jupiter Mount: The Mirror of an Attractive Personality

Mounts are significant in the study of palms because different lines are formed and developed due to the influence of mounts. Named after the planets, mounts reveal special features of them. Interestingly enough, it has been discovered that the planet which is more prominent in the horoscope is also prominent in the palm. The mount we will discuss today is:

The Mount of Jupiter

This mount is situated at the base of the index finger and above the Mount of Mars. It represents god power, leadership, organization and authority. The Mount of Jupiter is considered to be quite helpful in life because it moves the person toward progress.

If the Mount of Jupiter is prominent and well developed, then such a person is said to possess godly qualities (after all Jupiter was the Roman god of the sky). Such persons try to safeguard their self-respect. They are learned and always prepared to help others. Difficult conditions do not disturb them. Most Justices of High courts and authorities in high positions are found to have well-developed Mounts of Jupiter. They have a special quality that can change the public in their favor. Many are also religious-minded.

If the Mount is less prominent or under-developed, then the above qualities are generally deficient. Physically such persons are of ordinary body, healthy, and have engaging, smiling faces. These folks are experts in delivering lectures. They are also kind at heart. They would rather attain respect and a good reputation rather than wealth. They have a soft spot in their hearts for the opposite sex.

If the Mount is developed more than necessary, such a person tends to be selfish and proud.

If the Mount is absent in a person, he lacks self-respect. These unfortunate people get very little patronage from their parents, so can be found in the company of lower-class people.

Signs Found on the Jupiter Mount and Their Effects:

Triangle: If a perfect triangle exists on Mount Jupiter then that person is always a diplomat and is desirous of his progress. If the triangle is imperfect then the person is selfish and arrogant.

Cross: If there is a sign of a cross on Mount Jupiter then the individual is one who does his work after thinking carefully and is one who leads a comfortable life. He gets special wealth from his in laws and his wife is also educated. His family (domestic) life is also peaceful.

Spot: Spots occur in four colors: white, red, yellow and black. White spots signify progress, red spots are indicators of diseases (ailments) and yellow spots signify the deficiency of blood. Black spots are regarded as harbingers of wealth but they are both auspicious and unfavorable.

If the black mole is located on Jupiter Mount then obstacles in marriage arise. That individual has to bear the blame of love gone wrong and such a person does not achieve full success in life.

Circle: If the circle is situated on Jupiter Mount, the person is influential and succeeds in acquiring a high post through his efforts. Such a person gets a lot of co-operation from his in-laws.

Island: If the sign of the island exists on Jupiter Mount, then such a person lacks self-confidence.

Square: The presence of square on the Jupiter Mount is considered very auspicious. Such a person, in spite of being born in an ordinary family, reaches a very high post, is a successful administrator and gets a lot of respect and honor.

Mesh (Net): A mesh (or a net) on Jupiter Mount is regarded as inauspicious. If the mesh (net) is located on Jupiter Mount, that individual is cruel by nature, lacks feelings of compassion, and is  selfish and arrogant.

Star: If the auspicious sign of a personal constellation on Mount Jupiter is clear, distinct and flawless, then the individual is highly ambitious and attains great success. That individual becomes a high official and is very hospitable.




K is for the Knotty Knuckles and Smooth Finger Joints #A to Z Blogging Challenge

K is for the Knotty Knuckles and Smooth Finger Joints #A to Z Blogging Challenge

The joints of the fingers have a great deal of significance in palmistry. Not only can the joints’ physical appearance determine the field of work best suiting an individual, it also indicates the type and extent of qualities manifesting in a person’s fingers. The nice thing about knobby joints is that cut off the flow of energy through the fingers and therefore cause the owner to reflect. Whereas people with smooth joints tend to rush into undeliberated decisions.

But before rushing out to get your palm read, find out if those knobby joint of yours might be Heberden’s Nodes, which occur on the knuckle closest to the end of fingers. Similar lumps are called Bouchard’s nodes when they form on the knuckles closer to the palm. The underlying cause for both of these is arthritis, and the nodes themselves consist of bone spurs, called osteophytes that develop around the joints in response to a prolonged inflammatory process. Fortunately, Heberden’s nodes usually are painless and don’t limit the function of the fingers. Such nodes may represent an inherited form of osteoarthritis, the type of arthritis caused by wear and tear and, sometimes, injury.

What, you might ask, are joints really?  They are the walls between the various sections (phalanges) of fingers. Why are they significant? According to palmistry, because they indicate the inclinations and temperament of the subject. Some general information about the joints on the basis of their physical appearance is provided below.

  • The smooth joints in the hand of an individual symbolize a subject which does not think too much and jumps to conclusions quite often. Such a person never analyzes a situation.

  • In the case of square hands and smooth joints, the subject thinks a little bit but will jump to a conclusion after giving very little thought to the topic of conversation.

  • The smooth joints on pointed fingers represent individuals driven purely by their own instincts. They are careless about their appearance and what they wear and are not bothered by small things.

  • Such a person will be careless and absent-minded and will not be able to take care of the important documents and other required details in a business.

  • In contrast, people with developed joints are laborious, astute, attentive and sensible.

  • People with smooth joints are often the ones who perform the toughest kind of manual labor while the ones with knotty or developed joints only perform mental labor.

  • The knotty joints sometimes are inherited in families for generations while on other occasions they appear prominently in only one child in a family.

  • The presence of developed joints signify accuracy and efficiency of work in an individual.

  • Men with developed joints have an excellent taste of color in their dresses which resemble the taste of females and they do not prefer women which have a bad taste of colors in their clothing.

  • People with well-developed joints in theatre are able to portray the character with perfection but lack intensity.

  • These people establish a landmark in artistic fields like literature because of their unique imagination and strong analyzing power.

The Knotty-Fingered Philosophic Hand

Of the many different types of hands, the Philosophic Hand is the one that possesses knotty joints, indicating an individual who thinks things through. This hand is long, bony, angular and fairly thin. People with this type of hand are always studious. They are great readers and usually have a strong tendency towards literature. They love sedentary work, and have a somewhat lonely, ascetic disposition. The knotted (aka jointed) fingers give carefulness and detail in work or study. They arrest the impulse of the brain, and so acquire time for thought and reflection.

Drop by tomorrow for the next post: L is for the Lines of the Palm



Q is for Questions about Palmistry Blogging A to Z Challenge

Q is for Questions about Palmistry Blogging A to Z Challenge

Which Hand Do You Read?

In 1973, I took a weekend palmistry course taught by a clairvoyant palmist (I’ll call her Aurora) who later gave me a reading that knocked my socks off. I learned from her that the hand you write with is the experience (aka dominant) hand.  Your other hand shows the plan your soul came into this life with. So if they’re similar, it means you’ve followed your soul’s plan. If they aren’t, you’ve struck out on your own.

Can palmistry tell how long I will live from my lifeline?

Not necessarily. You need to know how to spot other indicators in addition to the lifeline. I learned about lifeline length the hard way. I’d taken Aurora’s weekend palmistry course mentioned above, where I learned how to read the main lines (and the thumbs) years before  I read the palm of my dear friend Vic (the hero of my memoir Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.) He had a long lifeline, no breaks, so no serious accidents or illnesses. I told him he would have a long life. But I didn’t know how to look for other indicators, such as violence, in his hand. Turned out I was dead wrong.

Can palmistry predict my future?

I also read the palm of the carpentry supervisor, Fred, when I worked for Civil Engineering on Barber’s Point Navy Base. Fred had a break on his lifeline, but his lifeline continued on the other side of the break. I told him he would have a serious illness or accident but he’d survive it and go on to live a long life. Years later, I ran into him. Fred was thin as a rail, and told me he’d survived cancer of the stomach. He said, during his worse days, my words gave him courage and hope that he’d survive. Was this was a self-fulfilling prophesy, or was it a glimpse into the future? I personally think it was the latter.


How to read hands?

Read palmistry books, take a course or two, gather as much information as you can, test it on lots of people. Aurora suggested making as many palm prints of friends and family as possible, and practicing on them. She also said that practicing palmistry would develop one’s psychic ability and the ability to see the hand holistically and more than the sum of its parts.

Left Coast Crime Conference 2017: Honolulu Havoc

Left Coast Crime Conference 2017: Honolulu Havoc

I’m happy to say I’ll be attending and presenting at the “Honolulu Havoc”, the Left Coast Crime Conference in Honolulu on March 16-19.

I’m excited to be meeting some fabulous new authors and look forward to reconnecting with old friends from the Sisters in Crime Honolulu Branch, who worked so very hard to make this conference happen. To get a birds-eye view of my participation, check out my conference schedule:

  • I’ll be doing an author speed-dating round, repeating 2-minute synopses of my book, handing out bookmarks and the flyer above. Did you know people with murderer’s thumbs commit more than 40% of all murders?
  • I’m thrilled to be on the panel for Romance and Crime Collide: Desire, dread & hot sex with AJ Llewellyn and Tonya Plank (Ellen Byron moderating.) I’ll be answering such interesting personal questions about my true crime romance memoir Angel Hero as:
  1. Lizbeth, it was brave of you to share the real-life story that involved a dangerous murderer. What steps did you take to protect yourself from repercussions from the murderer and/or his family?
  2. What are the differences between a memoir based on a true story, and fictionalized memoir? What did you choose to fictionalize and why?

Special thanks to Gay Gale, Honolulu Havoc Chair, for her vision, dedication and hard work in making the conference happen, to panel co-chairs Larry and Rosemary Mild, who burned the midnight oil putting the panels together, to Awards Co-Chairs Lucinda Surber (also Publisher Liaison) and Stan Ulrich (Stan also doubles or maybe triples as  the Registrar and Treasurer,) to Auction Chair Alain (A K) Gunn, to Special Events Vicki Whelan-White, to roommate coordinator President Gail Baugniet,  to the hard-working volunteers who gave so generously of their time, and to too many others to name.

Follow the link to discover all about the conference.

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